Kilson Street Action News

KS Action News 1/26/2016

Hello Internets, It's Pat McGroine with the news again. And hey, what can I say? Hilary is at it again. Have you heard her and Bernie

New Year. New Pat! NSFW Action News for 01/18/2016

Hello America, Once again, it's America's top News Anchor Pat McGroine coming right at ya! (That's what she said). Anyway. Hope you all had a great

Cooking With Dick


Dick Foods International is producing yet another flavorful meal/food item. Chimichinga2madre available in any store that doesn't exist. enjoy ya bastards! Cooking With Dick

Santa Ana Tours

Santa Ana Tours 4

We had to leave the damn country for this. We headed to Cancun for this one. We will go anywhere (except Russia) to bring you

Santa Ana Tours 3

This installment is dedicated ONLY to Santiago Park in Santa Ana. If you know this place, then you know that this is the Mecca of