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2016 Comes to an End but NOT Kilson Street

By Modesto Briseño

This has been by far the least productive year for the show in terms of the number of shows produced. We started the year off right with Enjoy and stopped halfway through 2016 with Very Be Careful. I really don’t know what it was that stopped us midway. It wasn’t our personal lives, although all of us involved take great measures to put our families over everything else. It wasn’t work as some of us took on bigger tasks at our jobs. It wasn’t lack of participation as we still received submissions for the time we were off. What was it then?

Well, I think we wanted a break. A good long fucking break. I think subconsciously this occurred. We didn’t even agree to this collectively. We didn’t tell each other hey let’s take 6 months off. I think in the end we just needed time to reflect on our situation and on what Kilson Street is. And also take a break from recording bands and making funny shit to go along with it.

In that time away some of us traveled the states and the world. Seeing things that we as poor kids from the hood never thought we would ever see. Japan, China, Panama, Mexico, New Orleans, Seattle… All of this within the last half of the year. Cool.

Richard and Migs enjoying the busiest intersection at Shibuya.
Richard and Migs enjoying the busiest intersection at Shibuya.

Today Kilson Street celebrates its 3rd Birthday. On this day in 2013, We decided to move forward with something that would be appreciated by ourselves. It has been pleasant and at times hectic, but in the end a true labor of love. We plan on going bigger next year and working on more content for you. More videos. More podcasts. And definitely more damn website/blog posts. Because that’s what the kids want right? We promise only a good time. No Bullshit, Just GOOD shit! 

Peace and see you on February 2, 2017!

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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