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Artist/Album Review: Esperanza Spalding’s Emily’s D+Evolution

Album: Emily’s D+Evolution
Artist: Esperanza Spalding
Year: 2016
Label: Concord Records
Country: US
Genre: Contemporary Jazz/Jazz Fusion
Rating: 9/10 Only because no one should consider anything perfect.

Now there are about 12 albums or artists I have on my list that I run on constant rotation. It’s just the way it seems to happen all the time. Like new Father John Misty, Mammal Hands, Snarky Puppy, Haitus Kaiyote and more. For starters, I will jump into Esperanza Spalding’s EMILY’S D+EVOLUTION. Amy Poehler wrote “Emily’s D+Evolution is more than a recording project, it’s an awakening of her inner child.”

Why I barely stumbled upon this galaxy of an artist I don’t know, but I’m grateful. I would like to suggest filling yourself with appetizers of her earlier works first to enjoy the explosion and progress of the new. I fell in love with her by watching her NPR music tiny desk concert where a young Spalding captivates with a fluidity of style, combining an understanding of her instrument and self vocally. She is a light bulb always in glow.

Spalding has a uplifting version of Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It.” All songs Spalding leave the intrigued fulfilled with the sight and sound of absolute musicianship. So, I have noticed that this is more an artist review than single album and I stand behind it.

Playing with such artist as Bobby McFerrin toe for toe and for the likes of former President Obama. Talented is an understatement. Every single ounce of her is, expression. She doesn’t play music, she is music. Rest in Pleasure is a fantastic song as well as One, where it seemingly feels like you are watching a butterfly emerge from a cocoon. Point is, invite this artist into your life.

There is even a performance of this newest album on YouTube.

I could have gone song for song, but I will leave that to you. Understand that these reviews are just one persons opinion. Enjoy.


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