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Album Review: The Simpsons “The Yellow Album” is Trash

Pretty Cool Cover

Album: The Yellow Album

Artist: The Simpsons – Misc. Artists

Year: 1998

Record Co: Geffen

Country: USA

Genre: Soundtrack

Personnel: All of the Simpsons Cast

Straight Up, No Bullshit Rating: 4/10

Where Can I Gets It?: Amazon or Stream from iTunes like I did

Why Should I Listen Now?: No. Wait till when you’re really bored. I really don’t recommend listening to this at no other point in your day other than on the shitter. And even then, wait until you have absolutely nothing at all to do.

Story of how I found this: I have an iTunes Music account. So I get to listen to a lot of music I would otherwise not have access to unless I were filthy rich and could afford the CD’s or digital purchase price. This one if one of those albums that you absolutely need to listen to only when you’re completely bored. I unfortunately listen to this at work a few weeks back and let me tell ya, it made me want to kill myself… Well maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but seriously there is no real reason for you to listen to this album. It was a nice effort on behalf of The Simpsons producers and I appreciate their work (I love The Simpsons), but I think that Matt Groening had a reason for not wanting to release this at all back in the early 90’s. Oh well. It’s out there and honestly, listen to it if you only have enough time to waste or if you’re just curious how well Apu could sing an early 90’s pop hit…


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