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“Justice Scalia is like Jabba The Hutt with a Law Degree…” Updates – VIDEO

Hello loved ones, It's the world's most trusted news anchor: Pat McGroine. This week we had some sad music news. Turns out the lead singer of the legendary grunge band Stone Temple Pilots was found dead. At least he died what he loved doing: drugs. Rest in peace, Scott. At least

Donald Trump Again: What Dangerous Bullshit Will He Say This Week… VIDEO

Hello friends of the Internet, I see we are once again meeting here in the digital ether. Once again Donald Trump is the main news headline. At this point I simply gotta say that I'm sick and disgusted by this man. The situation has reached a point where he is

KS Action News for Tuesday 12/01/2015 – Donald Trump and Planned Parenthood – VIDEO

Hello friends, It's your favorite news junkie of all-time Pat Mcgroine! And I got to say it's been a wild and crazy news year so far. Every week keeps bringing up more numbskullery and tomfoolery from around the globe. Sometimes the whole world just seems like a bad acid trip. Believe