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My Head Just Exploded From Listening to Baleen on Episode 95!

Baleen. What more can we say about this band than is exemplified through listening to their ear shredding melodies? I really don’t think we have had a hardcore band on. Although I wouldn’t throw them in the Hardcore category. But from Chris’s style of drumming, we can sure as hell put them somewhere in the metal genre of Rock.

Yes that’s Chris from The Littlest Viking who appeared waaaay back in the Kilson Street Catalog in 2013. Although he still plays very often with The Littlest Viking (new album coming soon btw!), he managed to find time to shred some great tunes out with Shawn in Baleen.

It’s always fun when you can discuss Kurt Loder with a band. It takes me back to a more simple time when MTV would show us Music Videos from talent all across the board. Not just pop but rock, blues, rap, etc. Now we have a generation more inclined to want to watch videos of people do stupid shit or play video games. 

Thanks to Baleen for showing up and kicking our ears ass. Go over to their social media links below, give them a like, visit a show, or just say HI to them:


Watch our full episode below:

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Modesto Briseno
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