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Why is Episode 99 such Big Fun?

I jinxed it. We were so close to having the first Keytar performance on Kilson Street but I opened my damn mouth too early. Turns out Nasty Kathy had some technical difficulties before we started our session and couldn’t get the keytar to work properly. But despite that small set back, the boys from Big Fun sure gave us a performance that will definitely be a top contender for Kilson Street’s performance of the year award.

Nasty Kathy on Moog. The Keytar took a break for the night.

Big Fun are from LA and OC. I really didn’t know who these guys were until my brother Miguel said they should be episode 99. I researched them, looked up some tunes, saw their jib, and said “yes please!” They’re not your typical electronic band. The style of music they coined is Gutter Tech. And honestly. It does sound a lot like its called.


All two songs (three for the podcast) are brand new and unreleased but the music sounds like it’s been well rehearsed for well over a decade. Nothing about these guys sounds is indie or unpolished. That would be insulting. And how can you go wrong with stage names like Beef Angel and Bing Bong? You can’t!

Beef Angel looks on as Nasty Kathy prepares for the last song.

As we count the days to the arrival of episode 100, we take a look back and realize that this has been a long and really entertainment time in our lives. And to have guys like Big Fun come through is such a damn rewarding thing. It makes us feel all tingly inside. Like a little tickle tickle on my pinky toes.

Anyway, enjoy and please follow these guys like an obsessed ex boyfriend or girlfriend:


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