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Black Elk from Santa Ana on Episode 102

It took us a while to get to Black Elk but we finally had these guys come onto an episode and hit us in the head with some good old Metal! My brother Miguel was in this band back in the day when they were called Spirit. So we’ve had their number for a long time but just haven’t had time to squeeze them in until late June when we recorded this episode.

If you’re into old school metal music, Black Elk won’t disappoint. And if you’re not into old school Metal, they’ll still not disappoint. I would say their music is like a softer Judas Priest with some Southern Rock vocals stuck in there. Definitely good tunes for good beers and good times.

I am really looking forward to what they’ll be offering up on the new recordings they’re working on. Make sure you follow them on social media and catch a local show with them very soon.

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Songs Performed on Episode 102 of Kilson Street are:

  1. Wolfman Rising
  2. California Nightmare
  3. Shinedown

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