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Brewluminati Lootcrate for August plus Craft Beer Review!

Hey everyone. As you might know by now, we are pretty fond of the local brew craze of late and are trying our best to go out and drink as much up of they delicious suds around the county. In doing so, we have come across some pretty cool people that share our love for beer and also making pretty raunchy videos. The Brewluminati group, specifically NICO, are some of the coolest people around and they have been kind enough to show us some really great beers in the past few months.

Last time we were at Phantom Ales for their monthly craft beer gathering. This time we found ourselves with Nico and Scott at Out of the Park Pizza in Anaheim Hills for one of their other monthly activities: revealing a Lootcrate box on camera while partaking in some ice cold craft brewskis. I’ll tell ya, we really didn’t know what was in the Lootcrate at the time but we were pretty impressed with some of the items Nico pulled out from out of the box. Also look for the very cool reveal of what the box turns into! It was really bad ass.

We would like to thank Out of the Park Pizza for having us on such a short notice. And special thanks to the dude doing the Trivia Night for not being as loud as he probably could have. Any way please visit this joint. The beer selection is out of this world and the pizza is out of this galaxy!

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Till next time. Happy Drinkin! Oh and please drink responsibly. Always have a DD or Uber or Lyft ready if you’re gonna partake in some drinking. We need you!

Full Video Below:

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