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Bundy from the LBC Perform for Episode 106!

Bundy Playing music on Kilson Street

So we find ourselves at a pivotal juncture here at Kilson Street where we present one of the finest sounding, finest looking group of gentlemen THE OC has to offer. The only thing is that these cats aren’t from the OC. Nope. They’re based out of Long Beach. So how does Bundy’s sound, skills, hard work, earn them the Best New Band in the OC in 2017?

Bundy Playing music on Kilson Street
Bundy Performing on Kilson Street Live Sessions!

I’ll tell you why: Because these guys are that damn good. I can’t really begin to describe how intense yet melodic their sound is…. Do we have proof of this? Yes. We have the proof. We have the pudding. We have the full video and sound for your viewing pleasure and dissection below:

I think for the most part these guys really have their music pinpointed. Listening to their latest recordings, I can tell that the consistency is there. And aside from rocking the hell out of our ears with music, Bundy also have a really great podcast called ‘Bundy the Podcast’ where they sit down with local musicians to discuss anything they please. I have a mad respect for the things they do for the local music community through their podcast and really hope you will take the time to give it a like and a subscription.

Bundy Playing music on Kilson Street
Bundy Performing on Kilson Street Live Sessions!

I believe these guys will really break out in Southern California in the coming year if not sooner. Along with plenty of music coming up from this quartet, I would not be surprised to see these guys go on tour. And I encourage you and any national acts that are reading this, to throw these guys on one of your Bills and see how satisfied you’ll make your audiences.

Thanks again to Bundy for coming through. A little bit of Kilson Street facts, they had asked us to be on the show maybe more than a year ago and we thank them for their patience before we booked them. And to all the bands and talent that have contacted us and we haven’t booked you, thanks for your patience as well. And Finally special big thanks to Pawl Rosewater for filling in for Richard on this episode. Good job buddy!

interviewing a band on kilson street
Interview w/ Special guest host Pawl!

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