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Cat Signs Perform Their Hits on Episode 94

Whoa! Did you just start reading about one of the coolest episodes of Kilson Street just now? Yes you did! And Cat Signs is the subject of this very cool installment of our little series.

These Cats come to us from the depths of Costa Mesa. Yes this is about our third or fourth group from this city and we love that artists from all places can come down to our garage in Santa Ana and jam out for a few hours while we record every little aspect of them.

It was great to hear some new tunes from Cat Signs on this episode and we absolutely love it. It’s a blend of old school Psychedelic rock and pop. Something I’m super fond of and reminds me of either The Byrds or Jefferson Airplane type music, but with a new school edge.

The lead singer and guitarist Anthony comes to us from The Growlers but Cat Signs has been around for quite some time now. I think now that they are going full speed in the coming months, we’ll be hearing a whole lot from them and you should be sure to follow their social media accounts for updates on what they’ll be up to next.

We definitely appreciate these guys coming through and also appreciate their patience, as we went over some technical difficulties. Honestly, this was the longest session we’ve had and clocked in about 4 hours total time recording. But the results are absolutely lovely and we know you’ll think so too, and will share this with your friends.

Also big thanks to Suavecito Pomade for lending us some support on this run up to our episode 100 in a few weeks or a month, who knows?

We hope you are enjoy all our past episodes. Sorry for the long break, but our garage gets hella hot in the summer and we don’t want any of the performers passing out during a session.

See you soon and make sure you subscribe dude!

Check out Cat Signs Online:

Songs Performed:

1. Smokin’ the Clouds
2. Under the Sun
3. Thanks Buddy (PODCAST ONLY)

Video of this entire Episode:

Catch a special third song, only available on Kilson Street Podcast below!

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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