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Chris Hayzel the One Man Show! Watch

Kilson Street and Chris Hayzel go back. Waaaay Back. Well not waaaay back. We just wanted to sound like it was. Anywho, on our 77th installment of the never ending Kilson Street Series, we have Chris from allll the way up in Los Angeles. Chris is a rare talent. If

Zoccola Perform’s and Tells us About Their First Glory Hole Experience: VIDEO

From the title you know this one is gonna be raunchy. But just judging this band from the title would be plain dumb as fuck. Don't miss out on this pretty god damn entertaining episode and check out their interview to see how they got the band together. Hint: it

Halloween Episode with Dragonsoundz!!!!!

Dragonsoundz Sound Check 01

BooooOOOoooOOooOOOOoooOoO! No we are not Booing Dragonsoundz... They just happen to be part of our First ever Halloween Special! We think Dragonsoundz is the perfect fit for this episode since their music consists of Acoustic Drums, Electric Drums, Synth, Guitar, and whatever electronics they can get their hands on. This duo