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Children Return for Episode 103!

Preparation for recording, filming, and questioning. Children at the Kilson Street Garage

I think it’s best to assume that we absolutely love Children the band. We have to say ‘the band’ after the name or else it will sound really weird. But anyway, yes we have another returning band for Kilson Street. This move was a no brainer because these guys have absolutely been growing in musicianship as well as members. And as it shows in this episode of Kilson Street, they’re only going to get much better at making audiences sit back, relax, and question their own existence.


It’s Ok To Die had a profound effect on our summer after being released earlier this year. And we were elated to hear Night Light and Scam of the Century in the studio. We think that the overall sound of this band has progressed immensely with the addition of Saxophone. I think you’ll find that the updated lineup is much more than a welcome gift from the music gods. A tight bass, ethereal Guitars, Keys, and Drums that are just right fill out the eclectic ambience that Children create in this very intimate and exclusive performance for Kilson Street viewers.

Children Live in the Kilson Street Garage

I bet you’ve been wondering what happens if we have bands come back on Kilson Street and expose them once again to the garage door. Well, we were thinking of not having people sign again (and Enjoy actually didn’t sign the garage door when they came back 🙁 ) but that kinda seemed sucky to us so we had Children go back to their signature from years past and give it a little update. Where’s the proof? Well thats for only performers to find out later, or if you got a sharp eye, you might catch it on another episode of Kilson Street!

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