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Chris Hayzel the One Man Show! Watch

Kilson Street and Chris Hayzel go back. Waaaay Back. Well not waaaay back. We just wanted to sound like it was.

Chris Hayzel 04

Anywho, on our 77th installment of the never ending Kilson Street Series, we have Chris from allll the way up in Los Angeles. Chris is a rare talent. If you have had the pleasure of seeing him live, good for you. If you haven’t… Too bad for you. He uses a loop and an effects pedal to drive his thundering anthems during live sets. Using that and his guitar, bass, and his vocals, Chris manages to do what a lot of bands/artists can’t do as a team: make some bomb ass music.

Chris Hayzel 05

Chris has a pretty good upbringing when it comes to music. But this isn’t the only reason someone can do what he does. Everyone knows that playing an instrument and being good at it takes time, practice, and sacrifices. Chris is just insane. We couldn’t imagine how much time he takes from his days to get stuff like this down. Fortunately for us as listeners we just get the privilege to watch and listen. We’re glad for that and appreciate musicians like Chris. Thank you for coming through.

On this episode we would like to thank Sable Cantus from Golden West College for letting us record off of a brand new SSL board. God dam, that board is sexy.

Chris Hayzel 03

We also would like to thank the class for participating and helping us with setup and clean up. We could not have done any of this without them:

Head Engineer – Daneil Gurney
Assistant Engineer – Javon McClure

Studio Crew:
Sam Macdonald
Matthew Marshall
Odie Sanchez
Samantha Ackerman
Anthony Vezirian
Minh Tong
Daniel Nguyen
Robert Molina
Aracely Fernandez
Alicia Sanchez

See ya next time!

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