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Desert Dollhouse Create an Infinite Forest of Dark Sounds on Episode 85

When talking about reverbin music, you get people from a few different audio camps butting heads: those who swear by reverb and those who absolutely won’t use it on anything at all. Well, we’re the type who don’t give a shit (the third camp). It’s something that just goes with whatever the artist playing wants their music to sound like. Or something that happens naturally in a room. Reverb adds a whole lot of depth to a song, I think, and if you use it just the right way it can transform your music into different parallel dimensions… But sometimes it is overused to the point where it’s just annoying. And you can tell that someone is just trying to hide behind a veil of endless verb. Or to put it in an analogy, like adding ketchup to steak: you don’t need to do that shit. Anyway, with Desert Dollhouse we get expansion and dimension in the best way possible.

Daniel, Rachel & Luis of Desert Dollhouse

Desert Dollhouse are normally a duo from Long Beach, CA. Actually, if you’ve been following Kilson Street since the very raw year 1, then you’ll notice someone very familiar at the helms of an Apple Laptop and midi keys. Yes it’s the guitarist from now defunct En Mantra, Daniel. He formed this duo not too long ago, but if you listen to the interview in the episode you will know what exactly happened to that group and how he ended up with all these cool electronics instead of guitar and amp. And Luis (Sax & Flute on this episode) from En Mantra joined the group about one week ahead of this episode. Rachel comes to us by way of a Craiglist ad Daniel put out for a singer.

Rachel from Desert Dollhouse adding some bomb vocals to the mix!
Rachel from Desert Dollhouse adding some bomb vocals to the mix!

At the moment Desert Dollhouse only have one recording out for you to listen to aside from this episode, but they have been playing pretty often around Orange County the past few months and are ready to take on more shows. Their music does remind me of a more refined and soothing Crystal Castles. Where over reverberated vocals seemed a bit much with CC, here it actually lends an extra boost to vocals that are phenomenal dry. And that makes a big difference here for Desert Dollhouse.

The OG Duo
The OG Duo

I see a bright future for this group since the vocals are top notch and the musicianship of both seem to be working out great from what we hear so far. And honestly it would be nice if Luis could stay on to layer some brass on top of the sound. Good luck to them and I wish them the best.

Richard doing the VO intro to "Waves"
Richard doing the VO intro to “Waves”

As you know, Us here on Kilson Street are a bunch of degenerates with a very dirty sense of humor. So we hope you also enjoy our little skits and all the nonsense during the commercial breaks.

We would like to thank our sponsors Suavecito Pomade for making this season of Kilson Street work out. Without their support we would probably be relegated to the low down pits of the internet and totally forgotten. Please head to their site and buy some swag, and if you could, please mention you got there because of Kilson Street. It helps the show out a lot more. Thank you!

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