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Episode 44 w/ Devil Winds

The Devil Winds at gunthers 18

Hi. We have here another great Kilson Street production. This time around we changed a lot! We have managed to sleaze our way into a new shop in Downtown Santa Ana called Gunthers Co to film our most recent production with Devil Winds. We thank them from the bottom of our black hearts for letting us record at their lovely establishment. We would also like to thank Devil Winds for showing up to perform.

With Devil Winds, you can’t NOT have a great time. We absolutely love something different on our show yet familiar in that their style is part of a growing Revival of American Roots music that distances itself from the technological vices of modern music. They pepper in many old styles like Jazz, Ragtime, Dixiland, country, and blues. As we always say, just watch and listen. Thanks again Devil Winds.

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