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Distractor Gets the Tough Questions on Episode 88

I’m not going to write a whole lot for this one. This episode was a long time coming. We had originally booked Distractor for September 11, 2015. But unfortunately their lead singer Glen passed away around the time we were supposed to record. And it was really sad to see the news of when it happened. Especially when the news was so sudden and because of an illness that hits too close to home. It Sucks.

The boys from Distractor are all good friends of the show already. You might remember a few of them from previous episodes. Sometimes certain people impress you enough in many different ways. All of these guys got some very good damn talent. And with this last band, I think they got a full fledged orchestra of digital sounds, ready to pound your senses with some good damn times.

We certainly hope you enjoy this episode. Although we at Kilson Street like to fuck around a lot and be jackasess, sometimes we do turn off for a bit and enjoy times with our loved ones and friends. And we would like to remind you to do the same: To just sit back and chill out for a second and appreciate the time you really DO have.

Thank you and take care of yourselves.

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