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Smooth Cholo Soul with Dreamlover on Episode 97

This is the question that Richard asked Dreamlover during our interview with them on Episode 97: What is the last dream you had? It’s an interesting questions because do you really remember your dreams? And what is in it? Is there music, thoughts, people, demons? Hell man, I don’t remember what I dreamt of last night. But I am sure it had music. And maybe that music was by Dreamlover.

Dreamlover are from the Inland Empire and the High Desert and they play what they coined as Cholo Soul. I definitely felt the Cholo and Soul within their music. They’re style is definitely in tune with the current revival of old school cholo art, music, and lifestyle that you might have got a glimpse of on social media. Something that I love and hold dear in my heart. Growing up Chicano in Santa Ana, I definitely remember my older brothers being into this type of stuff. Although if was a little more extreme, since they were in gangs, but they fashion and art that was associated with them was something that was beautiful on its own. 

Experimenting with old school soul sounds, Dreamlover definitely have created something that is unique in scene that has been experimenting heavily with different sounds. All of these bands/musicians from the Inland Empire have been bringing great music up with them. Whether it’s because they’re kids of transplants from Old School Orange County or LA County, I don’t know. But I love it.

Please go over to Dreamlover’s website to show them some love and also to support more local music.

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