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The Boys From DVLWND Bring The Garage To You For Episode 90

Paul tearing it up on Vox and Guitar.

DVLWND… It’s said just as you look and read it. Kind of like a license plate you might see on the road. No vowels just consonants that sum up a whole that absolutely fucking rocks! These guys come to us live from the Inland Empire. Yes, another great act from the IE ready to pounce on your ear drums with the steady rhythms of old surf rock, and the burning edge of garage rock.

In this music I definitely hear remnants of that old Seeds and Stooges sounds of yesteryear. I loved how “Gracie” goes from the depths of a depressing and haunting basement to some good, edgy rock and roll on a level floor. “Bum Day” is almost the same but the surf definitely kicks up a few notches on this one.

I will say that there are only a few bands out there that make me want to grab a beer and chill, while wanting to punch my neighbor in the jaw. DVLWND definitely have that sound. And it’s a sound I love. It’s not clean; It’s raw. And a lot of the times, Raw is what I like. If you listen to their EP Windjammer you definitely hear how versatile this band is as well. You hear sounds similar to what there is on this episode, but there are remnants of early Doors recordings on it too.

So what is DVLWND? We can easily just throw Garage Rock out there. Or Surf Rock. Or Rock and Roll… but what do you think? Do it down in the comments and let us know. We don’t think we have really nailed it as far as we can tell, but maybe you might have the answers. And I’m sure the guys from DVLWND would be interested in seeing input from the fans.

 Keex Introducing the guys third song for our podcast.

We want to thank the guys for coming down all the way from the IE and making it with a whole lot of time to set up and play. They made our night easy and enjoyable and we can’t thank them enough for it. We seriously can’t wait to hear their full length album Greens!

Go to their Bandcamp page to listen to their latest EP. Also go to their Instagram and Soundcloud page to be one of the first to get that update for Greens, their forthcoming full length LP.

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Catch an extra song, “I Can’t Remember” ONLY available for download from our podcast or our link below:

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