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Elkhead Perform Some Gritty Rock & Roll on Episode 84

I don’t hit up bars as much as I used to. Getting older really takes a toll on you. And besides, I’d rather drink with close friends at mine or their pad. It’s just more relaxed and now it’s kind of nicer to not deal with other drunks. But when I first listened to Elkhead, I got a hankerin’ for good night out at a local dive bar.


I didn’t act on it, but their music sure as hell reminded me of walking into an old school bar, taking a whiskey shot and chasing it down with some cheap booze. When we were recording them a few weeks back, I got that same feeling. They offered a beer but I couldn’t take any, just to keep the night clean and consistent for ourselves. I think in years past I would have partook (is this a word?) like a mofo, but just listening to the jams was good enough.


Elkhead are from Los Angeles. They have been out and about every weekend trying to make something happen with their down to earth Rock and Roll. And they’ve been successful at that by booking as many shows as they can.


Their influences stem from old school rock and roll and some southern rock, as Frank the lead singer might hint at with his screeching vocals. But the thing that does make these guys sound like you’re at the local watering hole are the twangy and reverb heavy guitar riffs. Which I love af!

These guys are some of the coolest you’ll ever meet too, and this episode will show you what I mean. They are currently going to start working on new stuff, so give them a follow or like and see what they have coming up in the future. And like their sticker says, LISTEN TO ELKHEAD!

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