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Something New to Enjoy on Episode 101

Here we are fresh off of Episode 100 and bringing back yet another Kilson Street Alumni with Enjoy. As you already know, Enjoy is Wyatt Shears, one half of the indie power house The Garden. When we discussed continuing the show past 100, we decided that we wanted to start bringing bands back in order to see what was going on with some of these acts that have come through the garage. With Enjoy, we know that they’re always up to some really good stuff.

If you follow along with Enjoy at all you’ll know that it’s been a long time since Wyatt has released anything major. This is due to getting all his equipment stolen, including his laptop with a lot of new music in it! So he had to go back to square one on all of the new material that should have been released already. But patience is good and they always say great things come to those who wait patiently.

But after all the touring and modeling, we are getting hit with some great new music that is exclusive to all of our subscribers and non-subscribers. And on top of getting two great performances on our YouTube Channel, you’re privy to an extra song on our Podcast. The songs performed on this set are ‘Small Car, Big Wheels, Productivity/Has it Been This Long?, and Small Journeys.’ All available for FREE because we all love you so much! Make sure you check out the Album ‘Small Car, Big Wheels’ when it drops Friday June 29th!

Make sure you go to Puzzle Enjoy’s Instagram, the official Vada Vada YouTube channel, and Facebook pages and give Wyatt a great big digital hug in the form of likes and follows and subscriptions.

And please make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube, Podcast, and follow our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

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