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PODCAST: Ep. 79 – Chinese Wax Job “Berzerk” & “Learn As You Go”

Here we are again. Bringing you some new crisp audio for your ears.

This go around we have Chinese Wax Job. These super cool dudes are from down the 57 Freeway in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach. Their sound is kind of a mix of surf rock and punk. If you liked our Gantez episode from a few years back, you will definitely love this one.

It took us a while to get these guys on because we have been really busy trying to get our own personal lives in order. Working 40+ hours a week got us doing these things only once in a long while. It’s not that we have no interest in this, it’s just that we got bills to pay.

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And remember to go have a look at Chinese Wax Jobs other cool projects:

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