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Filmspeed Whup Ass on Episode 78!

Filmspeed are a three piece band from Orange County… Well not really. They play out of Orange County, While Nick (Bass) & Craig (Lead Vocals/Guitar) actually come from Detroit, MI and James (Drums) from Ecuador.

Filmspeed Band Pic

As we keep adding more and more bands to the Kilson Street Episode Roster, we keep getting weirder and weirder combos. Weird in a sense that these people, if existing at their current age over 20 years ago, would probably never find each other. Not to say it wouldn’t be possible but the chances would have been slimmer as you take into account the modern day technology we have today that let’s us see and meet people from the comfort of our toilet. Social Networking has indeed benefited these guys and us as listeners.

Filmspeed are a group dedicated to roots Rock & Roll. Although if you dig back long enough you will find them poking around in the pop halls of rock. I personally love a good, hard, badass sounding rock and roll band. James is always a beast on drums. He had previously performed on Kilson Street with Blue Eyed Lucy about two years ago, but has since moved to Filmspeed and found his calling. I think this band is a really good fit for him. Craig is a very well polished vocalist and guitarist while Nick provides the glue that brings the whole band together. If you’re looking for a good time, Filmspeed will bring it. Check their Facebookout and go to a show to see and feel the energy these musicians bring to the stage.

Side Note: When we book musicians, we NEVER ask them to play specific songs. It’s entirely up to them to decide which song YOU will listen to. 99% of the time we are treated to their best anyway. Why? Because they know we have some of the best listeners out there. And if you keep listening and watching, you will be treated to only the best.

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