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Ginger Root Pump Out Some Clean Rock on Episode 89

How long has it been since Richard has hosted? Almost a full month. Here at Kilson Street, a month translates to about 3-4 episodes. So we’re glad to have him back. You should comment down at the bottom of this post to tell Richard how much you love him. It’s been too long…

Anyway, let’s get into Ginger Root. Yes! These kids, and I say kids because I’m an old ass man compared to them, have got their music flowing tight. Hailing from Huntington Beach, this group is mainly lead by Cameron, who is the writer, vocals, keys, bass, drums, etc. It’s tough finding a great rhythm section that has the talent that Anthony (Bass guitar) and Matt (Drums) have. Round this out with great musicianship and you have a group ready to make hits. And at their very young age, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them grow into musical beasts within the next few years. This is a rare band. Seriously.

Ginger Root getting some reps in before showtime! Photo by Kilson Street

It’s always enjoyable to mix a band that just doesn’t have a whole lot of flaws, if any. I find myself loving the music after each listen. And I tend to listen to music from each episode very frequently. There always seems to be a song that stands out for each episode but with these guys, all the songs they performed on episode 89 popped out so damn much, I couldn’t stop listening to them. And luckily, if you find yourself liking the hell out of their music, they got quite a few tracks up on Bandcamp and on Facebook that you cold dig up. I haven’t checked other music services yet but I’m sure they won’t be hard to find elsewhere.

Please make sure you catch these guys at their next gigs coming up in the summer of 2017. You won’t be disappointed.

We would like to thank the band for their time and for playing in a hot ass garage. Their cooperation and overall kindness helped make this episode possible.

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