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Half Past Two Join us for an Exhilarating Episode 86!

Welcome to Episode 86 and to our site. If this is your first time here, thank you for visiting. Now you’re probably wondering to yourself: why AM I here?? My guess is you clicked on that link on our Instagram page, Facebook, or twitter and teleported yourself to one of the coolest sites on the planet for discovering new music. Teleported to the episode with Half Past Two, a Ska band from none other than Orange County California.

Half Past Two Set Up in our Garage

A lot of Ska comes from the OC and honestly I think we got some of the best bands out there. And lucky for us, Half Past Two was kind enough to become yet another great addition to the Kilson Street Show lineup. After one cancellation due to scheduling conflicts, we finally had the pleasure of recording them. Only bad part about this episode is that we were down an important guy: Richard! But hey, when you got great friends around like Keex, you can fill that void in no time.

Keex Filling in some really big shoes. Not literally.

Half Past Two for 10 years now. And as you may have guessed by now their sound is of a band that has all their pistons firing in time. And it shows so on their latest release “Mastering Karate. ” That recording sounds really clean but energetic. But aside from listening to the EP, you gotta watch these cats live!

I love live performances. Half Past Two sounded great in our garage and we hope that we have showed that in the video below. They managed to fill up our whole Mixer with all their instruments and vocals, which is something I absolutely love to do: pushing our equipment to the max. And it all comes together nicely in the end. All of the sounds play very much needed roles throughout the songs. Just watch the video below or listen to the podcast.

What an Interview with Half Past Two Looks like… Packed!

Anyway, we really want you to remember to check out Half Past Two for their 10th Anniversary show at the New House of Blues Anaheim. You can catch some tickets here. And you can purchase their latest EP “Mastering Karate” on their website.

We would like to thank them and you so much for your patience while we got this episode put together. Took a while but it was worth it!

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