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I got a Mega Chub for Bit Brigade’s Mega Band Album! – Album Review

Album: Bit Brigade Presents: Mega Band
Artist: Bit Brigade
Year: 2012
Record Co: Hello Sir Records – SIR027
Country: USA
Genre: Chip Tune
Gamer – Noah McCarthy
Guitar – Bryant Williamson
Guitar – Jace Bartet
Bass – Luke Fields
Drums – Mike Albanese

Straight Up, No Bullshit Rating: 8.5/10

Where Can I Gets It?: Bandcamp and please support these guys!

Why Should I Listen Now?: Do you like video games? Do you like those old school chip tunes from the 80’s? Here’s that but played with rock and roll instruments!

Story of how I found this: I’ve heard of Mini Bosses before but never really got into them. But now that I work full time and can listen to any music I want, and with the advent of Apple Music, I decided to look that band up on iTunes to have a listen to any music they might have. As it turns out, they didn’t have anything available. So I looked up video game music and found these guys, deep into the search.

I am a big fan of Mega Man, so when I saw “Mega Band” I pushed play immediately. And I wasn’t disappointed. I love when people cover or make their own renditions of classic music, but am more impressed when they reinterpret old school video game music with rock instruments.

I was only disappointed in the fact that they covered songs off of Megan Man 2 (a few others are sprinkled in there). I would have loved to hear a cover of Concrete Jungle from Mega Man 9 but, I guess if these guys keep it up, we’ll hear that soon?

I highly recommend this album all their others in their catalog through Hello Sir Records. You can buy actual CD’s here and they include some from The Legend of Zelda, Contra, and Ninja Gaiden.

Bit Brigade Live. Image from
Bit Brigade Live. Image from

Happy listening bros!

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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