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Ultimate Metal: Iron Maiden’s “Piece of Mind” – Album Review

Iron Maiden's Piece of mind Album Cover

Album: Piece of Mind
Artist: Iron Maiden
Released: May 16, 1983
Record Co: EMI
Country: UK
Genre: Heavy Metal
Producer, Engineer, Mixed: : Martin Birch
Assistant Engineers: Dennis Haliburton, Frank Gibson
Assistant Mixer: Bruce Buchhalter
Art: Derek Riggs
Bruce Dickinson – Lead Vocals
Dave Murray – Guitar
Adrian Smith – Guitar
Steve Harris – Bass Guitar
Nicko McBrain – Drums
Straight Up, No Bullshit Rating: 9/10

Where Can I Gets IT: Find this record on iTunes, Amazon, and local Record Shop.

Why Should I Listen Now: Because it will make you grow a bigger pair of ‘nads immediately after immersing yourself in this Classic Metal Odyssey. Hell, it will make you grow a pair no matter what sex you are!

Story of How I Found It: Iron Maiden was one of those bands that I spent most of my High School life wondering what the hell they sounded like. I would see a bunch of those “metal heads” with their Iron Maiden tees all the time but never really listened to them until my good friend bought an album and let me borrow it. That album was “Piece of Mind.”

I swear right from the beginning, it hooked me in. Nico McBrain busts right in with those heavy-thundering triplets. And being a young metal drummer, I immediately regretted all those years I ignored Iron Maiden. I still listen to this album to this day without any questions. When I have nothing I can think of to listen to, I just throw this thing on and I’m happy.

The Most Brutal Triple Threat in All of Music!

Don’t be that kid or adult. Trust me. Even if you’re not into metal you’ll appreciate it. I think it’s because of the technical savagery of Bruce Dickinson’s Vocals and Dave Murray’s Guitar and Steve Harris’ Bass that makes this more than just one of those typical Heavy Metal Albums. This is seriously a musical odyssey into the future and the past. This is music with a story and a purpose.  9/10

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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