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Is 2017 the Best Year for Kilson Street Ever?

With all the twists and turns and random bullshit 2017 has handed over to us, we figured it would be great to share with you a short summary of our year here at Kilson Street. We picked things up strong and ended the year nicely with Viva La Vida and a killer show at Santa Ana’s El Indio Bar. As we got towards the end, we figured we’d take it easy and think about episode 100 and what we can do the rest of 2018.

We want to thank all the bands that made it through to our garage in 2017. We always are amazed at how awesome everyone is and are truly grateful that these people take time out of their lives to play a few songs in our garage, while we capture their souls in our little itty bitty soul capturing devices. There were times with technical difficulties, always on our end, and we thank them immensely for their patience.

Thanks a lot to my family who have supported our efforts to bring some cool tunes to people around the globe via YouTube and Podcasts. They have never complained about the funny noises coming from the garage and it’s a blessing to have people who really support this show.

Thanks finally to YOU! Yes you with your tablet, phone, computer, TV, etc. YOU make this show possible and if you didn’t watch or read any of this then that would be lame.

I have been thinking about the future of Kilson Street for the past year or so and am truly boggled by the amount of support for it. My life is a lot different now, 5 years after we started the show. I am much more busy professionally and have a lot of responsibilities in my personal life. This all started as a cool hobby; something I knew I had a lot of time for. I was an unemployed 26 year old disappointed by what could have been, and encouraged by the simple fact that I had all the tools to have my own show. All that has changed over time but I kept pushing through. It really has been a struggle for us the past two years to put on a show while also maintaining a proper balance with work and personal issues.

In the end, we will keep doing what we can when there is time to do so. I love the show. It’s my baby. I’m not going to let it die without a bang. I might not let it go at all. But who knows what the future holds. Nothing is guaranteed. The important thing to do is to keep pushing towards excellence. To keep pushing towards improvement. To keep pushing the limits. Kilson Street will continue to do that and so should you. It will continue in whatever form it morphs into in the coming months, years, decades….

Well with all that said, here is the wrap up video you’ve been looking for, and hopefully you and your family have an awesome 2018. Come back and visit us soon!

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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