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Island Apollo Performs for Our 72nd Episode

Island Apollo are a band from the South of Orange County. Their sound is absolutely clean and well rounded. And songs…. Fucken tits! This is a band we see going very far. They got their set together and sound locked in and ready to kick your eardrums arse. And it also helps that these guys are cool as hell and care greatly about animals (Check the Interview for deets on that 4:57)

For Island Apollo’s episode we shot on a very rare Thursday. We usually ONLY record on Friday’s but I fudged the schedluing because I forgot I had to attend a mandatory Field Trip with my class the Friday I had originally schedule them. But out of the kindness of their hearts, Island Apollo was able to reschedule last minute.

Island Apollo Picture 01

I remember when I booked Island Apollo a few months back that these guys were not a typical rock act. They aren’t typical because they seem to have mastered how to harmonize their vocals in a live environment, something that we rarely see out in the music scene. I had seen their performance on Balcony TV earlier in the year and was impressed with this aspect of their sound since then. And I also LOVE to hear people harmonize their vocals on tracks. To me, when someone does it so beautifully it shows that they understand their range and are able to be consistent with it. And as a dude who loves to record and sweeten the sound in post, this makes my mixing time a lot more pleasurable.

The Drum set used here on this shoot is supposedly going to be featured on Modern Drummer magazine this or next month. The set is a very rare Masters of Maple set. Masters of Maple is a drum company from south Orange County that specializes in making some of the nicest sounding drums on the planet from some of the most rare pieces of wood around. Having this set in our garage was too fucking cool. I got pretty moist just looking at this beauty and really didn’t want to see it leave after the shoot. The sound is amazing, the look was great, and the Masters of Maple badge was tits. It’s fun mixing drums that already sound good. There is very little you need to do in post.

Island Apollo Picture 04

I would say overall we enjoyed the hell out os this episode because all the guys were good to work with and didn’t make a fuss about anything. Sometimes I wonder what bands think when they walk into our garage… I hope it’s something good. Because we would love to have Island Apollo back in the future when we start to have bands come on for a second go.

Island Apollo Picture 09

Thanks Island Apollo for coming out to Santa Ana!

Please enjoy Island Apollo playing “Miracle” & “Lion Eyes” on Kilson Street in the video below. Like, share, subscribe, comment. Do you you want. We love you. And thank you!

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