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Jimmy Eat World ‘Bleed American’ – Album Review

Album: Bleed American
Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Released: July 24, 2001
Record Co: DreamWorks
Country: USA
Genre: Pop Punk
Recording Studio: Californians Cherokee & Harddrive in Los Angeles, Calif.
Producer/Engineer/Mixer: Mark Trombino

Jim Adkins – lead vocals, lead guitar, percussion, some bass guitar, piano, organ, bells….
Rick Burch – bass guitar & backing vocals
Zach Lind – drums/percussion
Tom Linton – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, organ

Asst. Engineer: Justin Smith
Mastering: Paul Miner
Design and Layout: Jim Adkins

Straight Up, No Bullshit Rating: When I was 15: 1/10 Now: 8.5/10

Where Can I Gets iT: Find this record on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, eBay, Goodwill as a CD or at a local record shop.

Why Should I Listen Now: If you’re an uptight 15 year old that listens to only one type of music you should just click out of this page. But, if you’re one who likes to see beyond what is marketed for some of these bands, go ahead and get yourself pumped, because this album really drives.

Story of How I Found It: When I was growing up I usually listened to Metal music or, really, anything my brother was listening to around 2001. So there was a lot of Tool, Slipknot, Deftones, System of a Down, etc. I had always listened to the radio so Jimmy Eat World definitely came up on the FM dial constantly since their song “The Middle” was a radio friendly hit. Of course I was going to say this album was shit at that time because I wanted to be cool around my friends and brother. I guess being cool has the consequences of not enjoying a good ass album that could possibly change your life.  

Jimmy Eat World "Bleed American"

Fast forward about a decade later and like anyone else (probably), I’m regretting not jumping on this shit before. Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World IS one of the best albums of the 2000’s. Prove me wrong. Just try to. Sure you might be a metalhead or into spanish rock or into reggae or into trip hop. I don’t care. I love all that music but Jimmy Eat World really did change the landscape of rock and roll music for the good… for at least a decade, before it all went to shit. Well, radio music that is. Because most of what is on the radio now is truly shit.

Anyway, songs like ‘The Middle’ shouldn’t be the core of what you think this band is. You have to listen to songs like ‘Your House’ in order to even start diving deep into the absolute genius that is Jimmy Eat World.

I’m not going to go any further. If you have not listened to this album yet you need to stop reading and click play on it asap. I think you can say what you want about Jimmy Eat World after ‘Bleed American’ but this album is truly a living document of what it meant to be an American at a time of great innocence and prosperity for some. 8.5/10

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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