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Kilson Street is brought to YouTube by a few friends who wanted to get bands to play in their garage. The idea for Kilson Street and preparation for it took well over 3 months. At first seemed tough to try to get acts to come to a small garage in the heart of Santa Ana. But we were driven by a passion for music, exposing the arts, and satire. So we grew the idea into a full show with the intention of giving the viewer something different than was typical on YouTube and also giving local musicians a shot at presenting their music in a professional way, essentially growing their audience and also providing content for their press kits. We just didn’t want to feature a musician, we wanted to get personal with them and in going ahead with this vision we managed to create something that we absolutely love. Little by little, we kept convincing some of these acts to come through (with the promise of booze and snacks) and have grown our show past a small start up to something with decent production value.

Wyatt and Fletcher Shears of Enjoy and The Garden in our garage in 2016.

We have grown from a small very local show to featuring musicians from all over southern California and around the United States! We have been featured in the OC Register a few times and we are currently working our way up to the 100th Episode! The future for Kilson Street is pretty promising and we intend to keep moving forward regardless of any obstacle we come upon to create the best content on the internet. We think you will like it. But your parents probably won’t.

If you are a musician, artist, comedian, degenerate… you can contact us HERE if you like to be a part of this thang.

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    1. Hello. At this time we are not sure when we will be holding this years event. We will let you know here on our website on the front page or you can check out our other social media sites for updates. Thanks!

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