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Lightmusic – Experience Something New on Episode 83

Weird. But very beautiful. This is what I think about Lightmusic, a four piece rock (to keep it simple) band from Long Beach. These guys contacted me last year about being on the show, around the time of the release of their first full length album. But We weren’t doing any shows for that long period, so I kept their info on the back burner. I did listen to that album at the time and thought that their sound was very eclectic and super different than what I hear from a lot of So Cal bands. I’m used to that grungy Indie stuff from bands that would have played Beach Goth (RIP). So was definitely interested in having these guys on the next time we scheduled episodes.

Micah & Stevie of Lightmusic Getting Ready for the Show.

Fast forward to last week and I am just completely impressed by the musicianship of these fellas. It seriously sounded like King Crimson and half of The Mothers of Invention gave birth to four dudes that became Lightmusic. On a side note, don’t you just love when music bloggers describe a musicians sound by suggesting that an artist they love (or abhor in some cases) had coitus with another artist and gave birth to the sound they’re describing?  Weird, huh? But I guess it works. Did it work here?

Anyway, I fucking love that combination. But if you have a listen to these guys you will know what I’m talking about. Let’s not forget other influences like the Pixies and stuff. But this is from my experience. Of course, if you watch the interview in the episode you will get that info directly from the horses mouth.


Aside from the music, we also experience how pleasant some of these acts that come through are. And these guys were straight up cool as can be. Cool as a jelly bean… But seriously, attitude goes a long way in this business and with us. Because we always appreciate it.


Enough about this, take a little bit of your workday to watch and listen to this band that has some big things in their future. And please follow them and BUY their album Critica, out on Porch Party Records. Porch Party, by the way, have a pretty nice lineup of artists you should take a listen to as well.

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See ya next time and remember to spay and neuter your pets!

Modesto Briseno
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