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When planning your live events, you have more things on your plate to worry about than managing the sound system and even coordinating the stage talent for your event. Many things can go wrong if you have too many things to handle. Why not let us take a load off? Kilson Street is here to help make your event sound the best it can without any worry. We are highly experienced in managing stages as well as providing the most excellent sound services in Southern California. With Kilson Street at your side, you will always win the day.

We have hosted, for the past three years, the Viva La Vida: Day of the Dead Festival Stage with some of the best Live acts in Southern California like El Conjunto Nueva Ola, Very Be Careful, Tropa Magica (formerly Thee Commons), El Haru Kuroi, to name drop a few.

With our services you will not be disappointed and we pride ourselves in being some of the most customer centric sound services around. We know how to get your stages sounding great, from house parties and intimate venues to outdoor public events of up to 200 people. We have experience with many different environments.

If you would like to get in touch with us about these services please fill out the contact form below or email us directly:

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We’ll do our best to meet your budget and needs.

Make your next event sound amazing with Kilson Street!

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