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With several years of experience in live sound engineering for events, Kilson Street has what it takes to make sure you provide your audience with the best sound possible. Whether you have a small festival or venue, we have you covered.

Kilson Street is here to help make your event sound the BEST it can without any worry. We are highly experienced in managing stages as well as providing the most excellent sound services in Southern California. For the past three years we have hosted the Viva La Vida: Day of the Dead Festival Stage with some of the best live acts in Southern California like El Conjunto Nueva Ola, Very Be Careful, Tropa Magica (formerly Thee Commons), and El Haru Kuroi. We have also been hosting performers in our garage for over 5 years, bringing in some of the best bands in Southern California and presenting them on our YouTube channel. You can check out our live sessions on the Full Episodes link above to hear for yourself how great Kilson Street makes its sessions sound. With Kilson Street at your side, you will always win the day.

conjunto nueva ola performing on stage
Conjunto Nueva Ola Playing the main stage at Viva La Vida. Booking Sound Engineering by Kilson Street.


stage speaker rig
Our rig for a show at Harvard Yard Bar: QSC KW122 mains, Yamaha Club SM12 Monitors, JBL MPro MP418S Subs, Presonus Firestudio Mixer.

We’ll do our best to meet your budget and needs. We have set ups for small corporate events and for events in the range of 200-400 people. We use QSC, Presonus StudioLive, JBL, Yamaha and more and can configure something that is suitable to your specific needs.

If you would like to see us in action before you think about hiring us for your event, we host the Barrio Thursday’s at the El Indio Botanas y Cerveza Bar in Downtown Santa Ana. Come by for a drink and feel free to ask us any questions you like about our setup.

Get in touch with us about making your next event sound the best it should. Fill out the contact form below or email us directly:

Make your next event sound amazing with Kilson Street!

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