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A Toda Madre: Los Tigres del Norte’s “Los Dos Plebes” – Album Review

Album: Los Dos Plebes
Artist: Los Tigres del Norte
Released: April 19, 1994 (According to Allmusic)
Record Co: Fonovisa (USA) & Musivisa (Mexico)
Country: USA/Mexico
Genre: Musica Mexicana/Rancheras
ASIN: B000005UPD
Recording Studio: Annex Studio, Menlo Park, CA
Producer: T.N. Inc for Fonovisa
Artistic Direction: Eduardo Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez – Lead Vocals/Accordion
Eduardo Hernandez – Guitar/Accordion/Vocals
Raul Hernandez – Guitar/Vocals
Hernan Hernandez – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Oscar Lara – Drums

Straight Up, No Bullshit Rating: 8/10

Where Can I Gets iT: Find this record on iTunes, Amazon, and local Record Shop in a mercado if they still have that. Probably somewhere in East L.A.

Why Should I Listen Now: Well this is really a flavor for anyone in the South west of the US with Mexican Roots. But even if you don’t or ever have listened to Rancheras, this is a good album to start with.

Story of How I Found It: I grew up in an immigrant household where the language spoken was mostly Spanish. Of course my parents would blast all of this music every day in the morning. Waking up at 5 am to the sounds of Los Tigres del Norte was just a normal thing for me. But this album was one of the first where I noticed that there were such things as ALBUMS. Before this, I thought there were just songs, sung and played by people and such, with no real organization or order. But this was the first album that I actually held in my hands and listened to. And as a little Mexican kid at the age of 8 I thought to myself, there’s actually something more to life than just power rangers and other bullshit. The Artwork is something else and the pictures inside the sleeve were inspirational. And the Illustration is so damn awesome. Guys playing poker, sitting at a whiskey table, drinks at the sides, their homies looking on. This is a high stakes game of poker, but first lets dance!

I listened to this record front and back for years until I got into rap and rock music later in the 90’s. And to this day I still listen to it. Because it has all the best hits that people love from Los Tigres Del Norte. Los Dos Plebes starts off with a demanding, balls out intro: “En La Cantina El 2 de Oro!” All loud and upfront. The vocals demand you listen to the story that follows.

The Tracklist Below will tell you the story:
1. Los dos plebes
2. La mesa del rincón
3. Entre el amor y yo
4. Te malpasan de amor
5. Perdonen mi canto
6. El último atardecer
7. Agua salada
8. Si no me falla el corazón
9. Muerte anunciada
10. La vida es una
11. No me quedaré
12. Qué ganarías
13. Sabas López
14. Asómate a mi copa












All of these songs are 1st class rancheras with almost no filler. “Agua Salada” really isn’t my shot of tequila, but the rest hit real damn hard.

For a good time with the compas, please remember to throw this record on. And please don’t wipe your salty tears on my tejana when La Mesa del Rincon comes on. Ajua! 9/10


Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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