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WTF! We’ve been MIA for Almost 6 Months! – UPDATE

Hello Everyone. I’m sure you’re wondering where the fuck we’ve been the past few months. Well some of us have been globetrotting for work and pleasure the past couple of months. If you pay any attention at all you will see our cute little video of us in Tokyo on our YouTube Channel and all over social media…

Aside from being busy with travel, we have been taking the past few months to really take a good look at what we have going and what we should do with Kilson Street. We strive to make sure we bring you some of the coolest music in the world (mostly So. Cal) and we also really do our best to bring that to you with the best quality in sound and vision possible. So we have spent the past few months chipping away at getting new gear. And it’s been a long arduous process.

Yeah we wish! Photo Courtesy of Canon.
Yeah we wish! Photo Courtesy of Canon.

We have a brand new Mixer with a badass new monitoring system for the bandsmusicians (Hallelujer!!!), new cameras (you’ll be surprised to see what we’re using!), new microphones, and a NEW CARPET! We also managed to get our hands on other little nick knack items we needed for the garage.

This mixer will blow your mind!
This mixer will blow your mind!

Right now as I write, It’s December 26th, the day after Jesus’ Birthday and we are hard at work trying to figure out the schedule for next year. I know some of you who are in the bands waiting for the email invite with a date from us might be losing your patience, and you peeps waiting for an episode to pop out are pressing unsibscribe on your YouTube feed, but Don’t fret. We’ll be back and you’ll be resubscribing in no time.

We plan on having the first episode go live on Thursday, February 2nd! Mark your damn calendars now. And thank you for following along even though we haven’t brought you cool new episodes in a while. You won’t be disappointed with whats to come.

Here’s a cool clip of the El Caminos that we shot in Yokohama Japan! These guys are badass Surf Rock straight from the land of the rising sun. Check em out!

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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