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A New Year Begins with Mind Monogram

For a group of guys that picked a name out from nowhere, Mind Monogram seem to have the right tools and footing to take their music to far places. 

I had heard about these cats from my brother Miguel. Apparently he met the singer Edgar Adrian Ruiz at a bank randomly and they got to talking about music and Kilson Street. It took us all a while to connect but we definitely had our eyes on Mind Monogram for a minute. Hailing from Los Angeles these guys bring a very powerful version of “art rock” as they like to call it. I would like to add that there are similarities in sound to Radiohead lyrically but their sound is way more evolved than that. I think it has come a long way from the first EP that Edgar put out a while back by himself. Rounding out the lineup with Christian Caro (guitar), Bryan Mejia (drums), and Billy Azurdia (bass), creates a powerful life punch to music that has all the right ingredients for future hits. I’d also like to add that the music’s moshability is at about an 7/10 which is pretty good in my book.

I think these guys will be a force to watch in the coming Year and even months. What they have up their sleeve is really interesting and I’m really excited to hear the new album coming out in a few months. Make sure you follow, like, subscribe below to their pages for any and all updates:

Thanks to Suavecito Pomade for supporting the show coming into the new year. Make sure you go to their site and spend some cash on some great hair products and super cool merch.

Also huge thanks to J Steph

Photos, Video, and Podcast Episode with an extra song “Dark Matter Theory” are below. Subscribe, like, share:

It’s been a very long time since we released a new episode but we are back to make your 2018 a lot more enjoyable. See ya soon bro!

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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