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Musicians Shouldn’t Miss the MIM While in Phoenix

The Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix is hot AF in June. And since I’m used to the consistently 70-80 degree weather from Southern California, it only makes sense that I wouldn’t survive any outdoor activity in a climate that is perpetually dry and that reaches highs of up to 120 degrees in the summer. But there are definitely plenty of indoor activities to do out here in Phoenix. And if you’re a musician or even someone who just appreciates music in general, look no further than the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM for short) in northern Phoenix.The Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

This Museum has some of the most interesting and beautiful instruments in the world. Gathering instruments from every corner of this earth seems like a daunting task, but they have managed to fit at least 6,000 total instruments on display, at a time. When we visited we started off in the Africa Section of the museum. We spent the most time here, not knowing the entire breadth of this place. But it wasn’t really a bummer because we learned a lot about the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of different instruments used throughout the African continent, and how each country has different variations of similar instruments. But we were on a tight schedule that day so, if you’re on the same type of schedule you could move through this section at a bit of a faster paceThe Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

We managed to push through the middle east, Asia, and Oceania a lot more quickly because we had realized the breadth of the collections by this time, but we did spend some more time in the South America section because of the relevance this section has to our upbringing. Oh, did I forget to mention that you get a really cool head set to guide you through the sights and sounds of your visit? Yes! Instead of just looking at the instruments on display, you can actually get to hear most of them when you approach each section (no Buttons needed!). The Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

The North American section of the museum is one of the most interesting and something I think our subscribers would probably love the most. They got some of the coolest artifacts from American Music History and also some very cool stuff from the recent past. I really enjoyed seeing with my own eyes Keith Moon’s Pictures of Lily drum set (or what’s left of it). Apparently parts of this set are missing due to Keith’s legendary, destructive treatment of his drum sets.

I’ll NEVER wash my eyes again…

If you have a day maybe even two (hence the 2 day pass that’s only $30) please do yourself a favor and check this place out. It’s educational, its life enriching, and maybe you’ll be inspired by the history behind the music you listen to and how it was made. We ended up not being able to see the hands on section of the museum which I think would be phenomenal for any of you. So if you have a chance and are in the Phoenix area of our great country, please don’t pass this up. Put it on your list!The Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

Visit the MIM site to learn more about this amazing Museum:

Price: $20 General Admission
Parking: Free On-Site Parking is plentiful
Hours: 9am-5pm Daily except Thanksgiving Day
Address: 4725 E. Mayo Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85050


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