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News Update for 12-15-2015

Hello friends! Once again it’s America’s most trusted newsman Pat McGroine, writing to you from an undisclosed location. This week’s top news story: the Los Angeles Unified School District closed all schools for a day in response to an online threat. Some places cancel school because of snow, holidays, or teacher strikes, now we close schools because of terror threats. Sadly, this is our new reality. I don’t have a joke. I just feel a deep sadness for the world.

Our 2nd top news story is actually a new segment called, ‘What’s up with that?’ This week: Donald Trump, what’s up with that that? How does he have so much support? How are so many people consumed with so much fear and hatred? What’s up with that? Pete Rose is a baseball god and gambler extraordinaire and he can’t get into the baseball Hall of Fame. And here we have Trump who’s the countries biggest piece of poop and he’s running for President. What’s up with that!? Let’s get Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame and Donald Trump out of the country. I’m Pat McGroine and that’s my 2 cents.

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‘Til next time America.

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