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‘Now Here is Nowhere’ by Secret Machines – Album Review

Album: Now Here is Nowhere
Artist: Secret Machines
Released: May 18, 2004
Record Co: Reprise
Country: USA
Genre: New Prog Rock
Recorded At: Stratosphere Sound Chelsea, Manhattan, New York
Co-producer: Jeff Blenkinsopp
Design – Package: Frank Olinsky
Engineer – Additional: Daniel Wise
Engineer – Assistant Recording: Rudyard Caruthers
Engineer – Recording: Geoff Sanoff
Mastered By: Howie Weinberg
Mixed By: Rich Costey
Mixed By – Additional: Geoff Sanoff, Jeff Blenkinsopp, Secret Machines
Mixed By – Assistant: Claudius Mittendorfer
Producer: Secret Machines
Brandon Curtis – vocals, bass guitar, keyboard
Benjamin Curtis – guitar, backing vocals
Josh Garza – drums
Straight Up, No Bullshit Rating: 3/10

Where Can I Gets IT: Find this record on iTunes, Amazon, and local Record Shop.

Why Should I Listen Now: You shouldn’t but maybe you’ll have a nicer opinion than I.

Story of How I Found It: This album really got me going one fine Tuesday morning. In fact the morning this article is getting published I wanted to drive my car straight into the river bed listening to this album. If Wonder Bread had a soundtrack, Now Here is Nowhere by Secret Machines would probably be that record. I can’t believe anyone would compare the music in this album to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. This isn’t even in that same musical cluster.

Seriously if you want to hear the most bland rock in your life throw this record on. You’ll be in for a super treat. I think I would give this record about 3 more points if the lyrics would stop. The lyrical content is subpar at best. It’s best if they would have just left them off.

wonder bread on turntable
You’re In for a Musical Experience Right here….

Giving this one a 5 for effort because the recording itself is good, but about 90% of the listening public doesn’t give two rats asses about how great something is recorded. If it makes people feel something special, then we’re talkin’. If not, it’s just another speck of musical dust in the solar system. 5/10

Now Here is Nowhere Album Cover
Album Cover Looks Cool.

Track List:
1. “First Wave Intact” – 9:00
2. “Sad and Lonely” – 4:40
3. “The Leaves Are Gone” – 4:04
4. “Nowhere Again” – 4:16
5. “The Road Leads Where It’s Led” – 4:41
6. “Pharaoh’s Daughter” – 5:45
7. “You Are Chains” – 5:49
8. “Light’s On” – 3:30
9. “Now Here is Nowhere” – 8:52


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