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How Are You So かわいい? ‘Pink’ by Chai

Album: Pink

Artist: Chai

Released: October 25, 2017

Record Co: Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. & Burger Records (USA)

Country: Japan

Genre: J-Pop, Rock

ASIN: ????????

Recording Studio: Not Sure

Producer: Don’t Know

Artistic Direction: Don’t Know


Mana – Vocals/Keys  

Kana – Guitar/Vocals

Yuna – Drums/Vocals

Yuuki – Bass Guitar/Vocals

Straight Up, No Bullshit Rating: 7.5/10

Where Can I Gets it?: Find this record on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Burger Records.

Why Should I Listen Now: Because you should expand your borders a bit. Live a little. Have some fun.

Story of How I Found It: If Pokemon had a soundtrack that was actually good music, it would be this album, “Pink” by Chai from Nagoya, Japan. How did I find this? Well one simple look over at Burger Records Instagram and I was hooked. J-Pop. Ok. Let me have a listen here bub. And Bam! Next thing you know I listen to the album like 4-5 times all the way through.

Surprisingly, this album is superbly recorded. I wasn’t able to find out who the produce it because I don’t know an ounce of Japanese, but whoever took the bull by the horns on this one really did a fine job of making NOT sound like a J Pop album. And if you know who did, please comment down below, because I really want to know. It sounds raw, big, loud, and cute at the same time. How does one do that????? Maybe I’ll drive myself down to Burger Records and pick up the CD to check out the liner notes.

Despite that this is all in Japanese, it is important to point out that music is a universal language, and you don’t always have to understand what’s going on to enjoy something. Sometimes it’s best to not know what the hell is going on. I did ask my Japanese colleague “hey man, wtf is this shit????” He watched a video and all he could say is “Love Shit….” Don’t know what that means but this love shit in Japanese is pretty cool.

This is Chai. かわいい

I’ve been to Japan before so maybe this is just a reminder of a good time. Despite that, this is still a great listen. And anyone willing to sit through some good talent will not be disappointed.

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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