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PRVLGS Have the BEST Performance of the Year – Episode 93

PRVLGS are one of the few bands that got our blood flowing before we even met them. This trio hails mostly out of Sacramento with two fellas and a lady. I was captivated by listening to their YouTube channel and hearing the song Just One More Thing. It is like a storm that one is in the middle of, but calmly. It’s like a sonic security coat, a window to stare out of, a stoned whirlwind.

The band was a bit hesitant at the simple comparisons thrown around before their set. Because they remind us of such great acts like Badbadnotgood and others like Snarky Puppy. This trio is comfortable playing together and they are all seemingly past internalized judgements. A mature group at the verge of musical stepping stones. This is the music you get when you put egos aside and forget about “what’s in” and vibe to vibe.

Zach is the leader if you want to say and takes on both the role of keys and guitar. His passion and architecture are constructively transcended via his fingertips. Melissa is a drummer turned bassist that feels every note and lights up the stage with enthusiasm. She fits perfectly with this duo and it’s great to see a musician that we’ve had on before, growing. Omar is a timely and versatile musician, perfectly putting the backbone of the band in every crevasse. A constant light to a traveling sound.

Still in their vibrant years, these three fine folks will all be forces to acknowledge, whether they are together or onto their next projects (hopefully together). 

Nothing more can be said other than check them out. Please visit their Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get updates on where they’re headed to next:


PRVLGS Band on Kilson Street Episode 03
PRVLGS as a whole.

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