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Ep. 26 – Purge Solenoid

Hello. On this episode of Kilson Street we have the lovely Purge Solenoid. They play math rock. We like math rock. We like math, and if you’re going to combine that love with rock, then we are pretty dam interested in listening to them tunes. These guys played for quite a bit and were a pleasure to have in the garage.

Kilson Street News # we don’t know because we lost count and are lazy….
Well this segment as always is NSFW, but if you’re looking to offend some people in the office, this is a pretty good place to start or end.

“Homeless in Santa Ana”
This is a new series we are working on (Now Defunct), along side Santanero magazine. We go out and interview people very close to the struggle. Homeless, volunteers, local politicians, and business owners will be featured. This is the first part of many issues we want to report on in Santa Ana and we are looking forward to bringing you all the latest on everything else that happens here and around Orange County.

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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