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Santa Ana Artwalk February 2015


I have not been to a Downtown Santa Ana Artwalk in a long time. I really do not have an excuse for this other than work and my commitments to make content for our shows here on Kilson Street. But this past February 7th, I managed to get out and take some photos and video of what I thought was most interesting that night.

The DTSA Artwalk has grown to more than just the Santora building on Broadway and the 2nd street Promenade adjacent to it. The East End and its business owners have managed to add on to this night in the previous years and quite honestly have some of the most fresh up and coming artists, musicians, businesses and restaurants in the area. Because of this I felt more inclined to include the East End in the entirety of this post and video. Sure I could have recorded everything on both ends and smash shit together about that would have made for a real shitty time for me. So what I did was get a few shots of the East End and focus a little more attention on a really cool place I was introduced to on this night called Top Acid.

Top Acid is pretty bad ass. Well, if you like dingy dark places that smell like sweat and smoke that attract some really cool music from Southern California. The outside of Top Acid still has the signage from Aries beauty salon which has been gone for quite some time. If you’re not a discerning person, then you may perhaps pass by this place and think it is a really busy hair solon. That it definitely isn’t.

On this night I managed to catch a group at its final chord and another for a little bit. I don’t know who either group was but the sounds I heard were not complete shit. I actually loved it. It was like 80s synth pop on meth. The music did seem familiar but different in that it seemed a little bit more grittier than what some may expect from this sound.

Top Acid isn’t for the uptight. Definitely visit if you don’t mind being knocked around a bit on the dance floor. Even if this isn’t your “crowd” you have to stop by this place sometime and experience the true grit of this almost underground venue. I for one am pissed off that I have never heard or set foot in this place before. Loud music and debauchery are my thing and I am looking forward to visiting this venue more often or at least until the next art walk to get more info on the venue from its owners and to hopefully nab some bands for our Kilson Street episodes.
Thanks and have a nice time until next time.

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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