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The Sbins Perform Jazz/Funk/Rock On Episode 104

the sbins performing music

The Sbins are a Jazz/Funk/Rock group from Mission Viejo, California. I really didn’t know what to expect when I booked them but sometimes that’s what I like getting us into. They only have a few songs up on their bandcamp but plenty of shows around the County, so I figured we should have them on.

The sbins sitting down for their interview
Richard grilling the guys on Game of Thrones and What Breed of Dog’s they like.

We had initially booked them for the week of the 4th of July but postponed the episode because the weather shot up to 110 degrees on the day we were supposed to record. Thankfully the guys from the band were understanding of the situation, so we rescheduled this episode for the week after. It was still hot but not as hot. I think someone would have probably passed out if we had recorded the week earlier.

The first song on this episode is “Koala Walk” sung primarily by drummer Allan Schneider and is a pretty funny song actually. This one did catch me off guard. I really didn’t know how to record this on video so I just went along with it trying to get in the bands groove somehow. I think regardless of how funny the subject matter of the lyrics are, this song really shows how well practiced and musically educated these cats are. When they jump into the musical section of the song, you’ll know why.

A drummer on a drumset
Allan playing drums on Episode 104

The guys are really great people to be around honestly. I think having a positive outlook on your music and life in general is always a good thing and can lend itself to creating great sounding music. And The Sbins definitely do have a foundation to continue doing that.

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Pics of Episode 104

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