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Slime Kings Serve Up Some Hits on Episode 91

Why the hell would the Slime Kings get jiggy with it? And no you didn’t just go back in time when you clicked on this article, or link. Getting Jiggy with it is something all us older folk used to use when we thought something was cool AF… Or maybe I’m just a big Will Smith fan… But would these guys get jiggy with it in our garage? 

The past paragraph was irrelevant to what you are about to hear (or heard) because you’re in for an absolutely bodacious time. Slime Kings are not getting Jiggy with it anytime soon. They’re here to blow your damn mind. These guys hail from Costa Mesa, California and have been out on the beat for quite some time now. Their show schedule is packed, their videos are cool, and their sound is something that can’t really be pinpointed, although a lot of it does revolve around Ska/Punk, or the sounds close to the band Operation Ivy. And this is one thing I love about this band: their versatility. 

Like Richard mentions in the interview, this band surprised us like many have in the past. But it’s something that we can’t gauge from just listening to a few tracks on a band’s website. We dig around and find some cool sounds on each group that comes on but we don’t really have a feel for the band until they set up and plug in for showtime. And Slime Kings definitely didn’t disappoint with their live performance on the show.

Thanks again guys for coming through and we hope to see you soon live. Be sure to visit their site to get updates on when and where they will play.

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