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Visit to NASA for SpaceX CRS-12 Rocket Launch!

Back in July of this year (2017 if you’re reading this at a super later date) I got chosen to attend a very special NASA Social (#NASASocial) for the SpaceX CRS-12 Rocket Launch to the ISS! For those of you who don’t Habla Space Nerd, That’s the Cargo Resupply Services 12, which is headed to the International Space Station via Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket. So I guess this makes me a space nerd, because I was more than stoked when I got that confirmation email from NASA Social saying that I was chosen. I soon booked a flight (big financial mistake), asked for the time off, and started planning a little bitty vacation in Central Florida.

NASA Credential Office
Apply for credentials here.

On this visit, I got to see things no normal mortal could even dream to see in their lifetime. I got to see behind the scenes at NASA, got some special information on what’s next for our Lovely Space Program, and also saw the CRS-12 Rocket launch to the International Space Station. And honestly, NASA is up to some gnarly stuff. By gnarly, I mean things that we never thought we were actually doing. Things that made me appreciate the space program even more. Although they’ve kept aloof for a bit since the last Space Shuttle launch, they have something big up their sleeves for our future treks to Mars….THE SLS Rocket! This thing will be sending people up to Mars for what some have called a one way trip! But with the new technology in the works and what will be one of the most powerful rockets known to man, NASA Hopes to bring those astronauts back as well. And this takes years of planning, science, experiments with new vehicles on earth and in space, AND studying the effects of gravity on the human body. This is the stuff that NASA has been studying for quite some time. The only difference now is that they are working with companies like SpaceX to complete these preliminary experiments and studies. All of this stuff happens on the International Space Station.

Space Shuttle Replica
A Super cool replica of the Space Shuttle.

Seeing a lot of the behind the scenes stuff at NASA was great and it really reminded me of the people that have worked extremely hard to make sure our space program is one of the best on the planet. They’re doing research on parkinson’s with the Michael J Fox Foundation, research on weather patterns in order to predict major weather events, and research on the Composition of Cosmic Rays to name just a few. 

I want to thank NASASocial for the opportunity they gave me. Without them these things wouldn’t be possible and YOU wouldn’t have all the cool pictures and BTS video to check out here on Kilson Street. Thanks to NASA for providing such great hospitality to me and the other NASASocial participants during our visit. It was great hearing from experts, asking questions, and also getting those cool and exclusive Solar Eclipse Glasses that everyone was hankering for back in late summer, for FREE! Thanks as well to the folks at the Kennedy Space Center & Visitor Complex for being kind and helpful to us during our visit. And finally THANK YOU! Without Kilson Street and the great followers we have here, none of this would have been at all possible. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Me Happy AF
Never in my life did I even think I would end up here! Thank You!

Watch the Recap + Rocket Launch Footage Below:

Watch the recorded webcast of the launch here.

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