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Episode 73 with Storeetellers

Storeetellers are an all girl band from the big OC! A little background on this show: This episode actually took us a long time to put together. The reason being that they had contacted us earlier in the year to get something set up. At the time I had no openings and said that I would contact them when an opening came up or when we started booking for the latter half of 2015 (September through December). And guess what? My dumbass forgot to hit them up!

Well in September or August, if I remember correctly (I seriously have a bad memory), Mayra from Storeetellers emailed once again about being on the show. At this point I thought to myself “Oh Chet! Whoops!” SO I booked them for Friday November 20th to come down to our garage and jam.

We definitely were very excited to have this all female band come in. And not just because it’s all women or that we are pervs. Get your damn mind outta the gutter! No it’s because all female rock bands are rare. So rare that it’s saddening because there are tons of women out there with talent and there is little representation out on the rock music scene for women.

Storeetellers 09

Talented is an understatement to describe these ladies. Their music blends styles like Mexican Folk/Rancheras with punk or more traditional rock and roll. “La Sancha” is one of their highlights from this short set and is one of their strongest songs on their Album, “The Royal Baeby.” They end their set with “Ice Cream” which reminds me of more melodic and polished Ramones songs past their End of the Century days. You can check out their album on their Bandcamp page and also purchase the super cool “Undateable” shirt that Richard was wearing during the interview. Thanks ladies and we definitely can’t wait for what the future holds for you!

Storeetellers 010

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