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Stumped Do Episode 74!

Sometimes we get a little put off when we get inquiries from bands who want to be on the show if they look young. As you might know, we aren’t exactly your Howdie Doody show: we don’t do things conventionally and we almost ALWAYS are vulgar and morose when it comes to humor or interviewing people. But this time we were willing to give someone a shot… actually we really didn’t know how old these guys were until they showed up at our garage! 18, 19, 20… None over 21! So we went ahead and offered these guys water… and weed…

Stumped are a band from Santa Ana. A very young band that have the sounds close to many acts you would probably see at Beach Goth or Burgerama. The great thing about them is that they play with corazon. It seems that dedication is a big part of their vocabulary. Despite having lost a drummer recently, these guys went ahead and found someone new quick (about a few gigs before our episode) and went back to it.

Since they usually can’t get into bars, you will see these guys around the Local backyard circuit but have been getting some handsome exposure at Top Acid shows and other all ages venues around the county.

The great thing about these guys is that they have a good head start in the music scene. Young, talented, and willing to even go to some strangers garage in Santa Ana, these guys are set.

You can catch their self recorded songs at the Bandcamp page and hit em up on their Instagram in case you want to book them or say hello.

Until next time friends, Keep Watching and Keep Sharing!

Check out their

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