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Ep 33 – Blue Eyed Lucy

Blue Eyed Lucy Errrbody. Really cool sound these guys got going for them. Sounds like these guys have practiced their chops quite often and very well. We also have a gun store we opened in Kentucky that we made a commercial for and some more news from Pat McGroine.

Ep. 26 – Purge Solenoid

Hello. On this episode of Kilson Street we have the lovely Purge Solenoid. They play math rock. We like math rock. We like math, and if you're going to combine that love with rock, then we are pretty dam interested in listening to them tunes. These guys played for quite

Ep. 5 – Bout Tradger

Another Episode for Kilson Street. This time we got a band from Garden Grove California. After hours of trolling the internet for unmentionable material sprinkled with seconds of searching for local talent to have on the show, we stumbled upon Bout Tradger's Reverb Nation page. In it we found a

Ep. 3 – Time & Energy

Here we present Time and Energy. These guys have been at it for a long time and we certainly do appreciate them coming down to the garage and performing. They are a great duo and we really do hope they make even more great tunes in the near future for