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WTF! We’ve been MIA for Almost 6 Months! – UPDATE

Hello Everyone. I'm sure you're wondering where the fuck we've been the past few months. Well some of us have been globetrotting for work and pleasure the past couple of months. If you pay any attention at all you will see our cute little video of us in Tokyo on

Viva La Vida Lineup for 2016

So we've already announced our lineup for this years Kilson Street Stage at Viva la Vida 2016 but figured it wasn't enough to just say it on our instagram and Faceboom pages. Yes we're here to repeat that this year's lineup is one of the best we've ever seen and

Throwback: Episode 18 – Evan Geesman

***Original Release date - August 16, 2013*** Evan Geeseman is a Giant. Not only in height but in talent. There's no way for us to describe it. He just so damn good at what he does when it comes to music. At the time we recorded this episode he had released